Lakewood Auto Repair Companies and How They Can Preserve Your Car in Perfect Working Condition

Lakewood auto repair companies provide all sorts of car-related services – you can turn them not only if your car breaks down, but also if it needs regular maintenance or other interventions.

Types of Auto Repair Shops

All garages that provide professional maintenance and repairs for cars are called repair shops, but not all of them have the same profile – here are the major types of repair shops:

– Stores that sell auto parts and simultaneously operate a service facility – a great, all-in-one choice, especially if you need to have lots of parts replaced,
– Individually owned repair shops – these businesses are usually smaller and they hold certificates from the car manufacturers whose brands they service,
– Specialty repair shops that specialize in handling a certain sub-assembly or component of the car that requires special knowledge and special tools to repair such as the AC system, transmission repair, the exhaust system or body parts.

Almost all Lakewood auto repair shops provide maintenance services, but not all of them repair all parts of the car or work with all brands.

Types of Services Provided by Auto Repair Shops

There are two basic types of services provided by local garages: regular maintenance and repair.

Regular maintenance includes the operations described as periodically mandatory in the car owner’s manual. These operations are usually quick and simple interventions such as oil replacement, filter replacement, the replacement of the timing belt, but they are extremely important not only for the efficient functioning of the car, but also for safety. If the oil in your car’s engine has spent too long in the car or if the car has run too much with the oil, the oil loses its lubricant properties, which may result in serious damage to the moving parts of the engine. Similarly, if filters are not replaced regularly, the resulting clogging may damage components that are far more expensive than the filter.

While regular maintenance can be done in almost any shop, repairs are not that simple. The car market being so large and so diverse, it is understandable that repair shops specialize in terms of brands and makes. When you need car repair, you need to take your car to a mechanic that specializes in your type of car – if the repair shop around the corner specializes in vintage cars, but you have a problem with your hybrid, it is probably not a good idea to take your car there. Instead, you should look for someone who carries a certificate saying that he knows how to work on hybrid cars and how to address the special challenges posed by these complex, modern vehicles.

To find the best garage to take your car to in case of an issue that requires repair, you should first of all carry out a quick online research. Type “Lakewood”, then the car make, and then “auto repair” into your browser and then evaluate the results you get. Check the reputation of the companies – there are great online review websites and forums to provide you with information –, then talk to the mechanic or the technician at the shop. Check whether the shop carries the certificates and licenses to service your type of car, then ask for a cost estimate for the repair – a good repair shop never refrains from providing clients with information, so if they are communicative and open, they are probably good experts, too.